Vinnum Sabbathi - Fuzzonaut

Vinnum Sabbathi - Fuzzonaut

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Vinnum Sabbathi – Fuzzonaut is being issued on vinyl for the first time and I really happy to say its Stolen Body Records doing it. Originally released as a split with Bar De Monjas on July 2nd 2015. This version features Vinnum Sabbathi’s blistering fuzz laden space exploration side as well as a bonus track not originally on the record – The Curse of Silence. This is a unique version of an incredible album. Not to be missed.

Released on a limited edition run of 250 Snot Green and Black mixed vinyl.

“The world deserves Vinnum Sabbathi and you deserve Fuzzonaut!”
-Pete, Heavy Planet. 2015

Recorded in a single take.
All samples courtesy of NASA’s Educational Documentaries

Track Listing:

  1. HEX I: The Mastery Of Space

  2. Intermission *Fluctuations)

  3. HEX II: Foundation Pioneers

  4. The Curse of Silence