The Bad Joke That Ended Well - S/T

The Bad Joke That Ended Well - S/T


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The first release from Stolen Body Records. The Bad Joke That Ended Well's Self Titled second album. A fierce psychedelic and garage rock album with dips into blues. Limited to 300 black vinyl.

1. Journey man
2. I'm not there
3. Hold my hand
4. Mountains
5. Rain comes down
6. Dance of the dead
7. Sundown and out
8. Strangler


"Abrasive and drunken, like Morrison and Cobain slinging quotes at each other at 4am after a night of drunken chaos, you’ll be in utter awe just being in its presence before you even realize the murky confines in which you are now tied to". - Nanobot Rock


"Dirty, gritty, nasty garage blues covered in swirling organs and throat shredding vocals that send uncomfortable shivers down the spine". - Listen With Monger