The Bad Joke That Ended Well - Alta Loma

The Bad Joke That Ended Well - Alta Loma


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Out on a limited edition run of 250 transparent blue vinyl with red, green and yellow splatters. This is The Bad Joke That Ended Well’s 3rd album. This time seeing a fresh line up and cementing their sound in heavy psych, garage rock and blues. The 12 track album was recorded at Toy Box studios in Bristol in 2 days (mostly live) and mixed in one day by Ali Chant. The band wanted to capture their live sound and energy whilst also not falling foul to spending to much time in studio and adding unnecessary elements. The album goes from short punchy garage rock numbers to wide theremin fuelled drum solos.

1. Fly Away
2. Faith In Speed
3. Lick Of Paint
4. Seven Is 7
5. Cigarette
6. Rattlesnake Necklace
7. Arturo Bandini
8. Black Cloud
9. Low Tide
10. Let Go
11 She Moans
12. Haunted Trippin’

“A rollercoaster of psychedelic soundscapes, hot smoking riffs and striking keys making for a record that’ll keep you right on your toes” – The Flux