Tara Clerkin - Hello

Tara Clerkin - Hello

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Tara Clerkin’s music combines elements of psychedelia, country and folk songwriting with a lo-fi palette of found sounds and field recordings.

Her debut album ‘Hello’ is available on CD, download (Stolen Body) and in clay head format (Howling Owl).

Recorded with her partner (Sunny from Taos Humm) in one week, with collaborations from various friends and musicians including members of Taos Humm, Edward Penfold and the collective Belvoir House Band.

Her live shows vary from six piece psychedelic band to stripped down soundscape and solo ballads.

Track list:

1. Hello

2. Hello Theme

3. Trifle

4. Sleepy Town

5. Zadar

6. White Wine Spritzer

7. Zither

8. John

9. Holy Purpose

10. The Future

11. Full Of Fright