Repo-Man - I Can Live With It If You Can, Son

Repo-Man - I Can Live With It If You Can, Son

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RELEASE DATE: September 6th

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Repo Man are Bristol based noiseniks comprising of Bojak (vocals/sax/violin), Ant Brown (bass), Liam McConaghy (guitar) and Jesse Webb (drums). ‘I Can Live With It If You Can, Son’ is their third album, following 2015's Minesweeping and the first recording to feature new recruit Webb (also of GNOD/ The Final Age/ Anthroproph).

The album was recorded with Thomas J Bryan at Jute Box Studio and mixed with Matt Sampson at Bink Bonk Studio. It represents the band both at their rawest and most expansive. From the clanging fuzzed out sonic whirl of 'Low Pursuit' dissolving into the death waltz jig of 'May I Interject', to the lyrical puzzles and bubbling synth rotor of 'Asexual and Spineless' and the languid menace of the title track, I can live with it if you can, son shows Repo Man hurtling further into respective streams of noise and compositional acuity. This culminates in 'Moaty' -  free-form ambient jazz smashed open by the band at their heaviest.

Building on their fierce live reputation -  from supporting, among others, Lydia Lunch, Enablers, USA Nails, DUDS, Lice and GNOD - ‘I Can Live With It If You Can, Son’ displays an uncompromising clarity.

Track Listing:

1. Low Pursuit

2. May I Interject

3. Asexual & Spineless

4. Shallow Matthews

5. Evan The Runt

6. Paid For Hands

7. I Can Live With It If You Can, Son

8. Moaty

9. Repo Pop (Bonus Track CD & Download only)

10. Bozo Pretension (Bonus Track CD & Download only)