Moonwalks – In Light (The Scales In The Frame)

Moonwalks – In Light (The Scales In The Frame)

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  • Repress Sequins edition vinyl (Red, blue and black mix - please note colour may change slightly to image)

  • Limited edition half and half vinyl with splatter

  • Red and Cream mix vinyl

  • CD

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Detroit glam psych rockers Moonwalks second LP and international debut, In Light (The Scales in the Frame). In Light (The Scales in the Frame) is the band’s second full length release since their acclaimed 2015 debut, Lunar Phases.

Since their inception in the underground and DIY scene in Detroit, Moonwalks have evolved from playing abandoned warehouses and smoky dive bars to touring extensively throughout Europe, U.K., and the USA. Following 2015’s L unar Phases- recorded by Detroit legend Jim Diamond (The Dirtbombs, The White Stripes), In Light (The Scales in the Frame) showcases the young band’s transition into more experimental psychedelic space rock.

Moonwalks are sounds for those seeking a last impression ...”

Moonwalks: nebulous, amorphous, able to be anything (or everything at once) ...” - Jeff Milo

Moonwalks could be the soundtrack to a lucid-dream-wrought Western transposed upon a post-apocalyptic desert planet where you’re cruising in a dusty Roadrunner with Link Wray, The Cramps and Brian Jonestown Massacre in the backseat ...- Jeff Milo