Paul Jacobs - Easy

Paul Jacobs - Easy

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Paul Jacobs, presently residing in Montreal Quebec, has come a long way since his original one man band days. Five years later, with a full band backing him, his live shows have grown to an explosive level. The experience is an untamed, wild and manic energy, a true purge of raw emotions. Paul writes, performs, records and mixes all the music he releases. He has released 8 full length albums, numerous EP’s and singles, always accompanied by his personal animations and art work. He’s gained notoriety with the success of 2016’s “Pictures, Movies & Apartments” reviewed by The Guardian, proclaiming it “the best garage punk record of the year”. Paul continues to grow as an artist, with ‘Easy;’ and acclaimed by Iggy Pop no less, on his BBC6music show – an album he’s jam packed with pop hooks, while maintaining his original lo-fi sound. He has relentlessly toured North America, and the U.K. and is scheduled to return to Europe this fall to promote ‘Easy’.


1. Holy Holy
2. Expensive
3. Coffee
4. Easy (Warm Weather)
5. Laundry
6. Life Lessons II
7. Baby (With Bells)
8. Sunday Mourning II
9. Setting Sun
10. Trouble (Last Song)
11. Roads
12. Cigarettes

“Jacob’s unsettling sounds are as manic as they are menacing” – Gig Wise

“One of the most visceral sounds in lo-fi garage rock” – Cult Montreal

“Must-have: experimental, melodic, intense, and fun. Everything is there” – Still In Rock

“absolutely demonic take on punk rock” – Consequence Of Sound