Fumaça Preta - Pepas

Fumaça Preta - Pepas

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Fumaça Preta strikes back with their long awaited 3rd album, "Pepas". A genre busting, gut quivering, psychotropic, metallurgic Goliath drawing from a vast range of unknown genres such as Fê Fê FêDem Bow and Merengada, crushed into their very own Tropical Psych Punk Freakout signature style. The band even indulge their collective life long love of classic HipHop as well as their essential dabbling in a parallel fuzz dimension.

Blending, twisting and demolishing all musical boundaries, this album will defy those trying to classify it as they try to come up with a label that embodies a fairly unusual musical palette ranging from the incessant wild beats coming out of an impenetrable jungle all the way to the most avant-garde futuristic sounds generated by abused machines and everything imaginable - and certainly unimaginable - in between.
Complementing and contrasting the bizarre, mind mangling lyrics the band are known for is a hard hitting passionate diatribe against the troubles in vocalist Alex's native Venezuela, and the intense feeling of powerlessness and anger derived from it.

Much of the album was recorded in the elusive and covert Barracão Sound studio in Amsterdam. With its devout analogue philosophy, vintage equipment and a unique working environment this studio shaped the sound of the new album.

Further sonic delights were formed in the small Italian town of Golo Brdo, in the basement of former Musique Concrete composer, Françoise Lafouche. Using home made electronics that have somehow never left Lafouche's Catacombic Labarotoria Sonora, like the mind-blowing "Modulatore ad Anello", the band added some clangorous dissonance to the mix.

Fumaca Preta commissioned Colombian artist Mateo Rivano, known for his work with Colombian avant-garde Cumbia institutions Frente Cumbiero, Los Pirañas, Rompe Rayo and Meridian Brothers, to produce a three dimensional artwork for the album cover depicting himself engulfed in an acrid red mist spewing from his every orifice. The massive art installation made out of dozens of different types of hand painted cardboard, took two months to complete and displays the same obsession with detail that the band endures during their recording process.

An adventurous listening experience that no other contemporary record out there will be able to provide; "Pepas" will leave you wondering where it all came from and

will push your senses to extents you had never thought possible.

Track Listing:
1. El Avispero
2. Pepas de Colores
3. Matraqueao
4. Aquí Abajo
5. Piña Colada
6. Baygon
7. El Mismo Abismo
8. Arepa de Chicharrón