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Ouzo Bazooka - Songs From 1001 Nights

Songs From 1001 Nights is the upcoming release from the Middle Eastern Psychrock outlet Ouzo Bazooka.

The EP boasts 5 masterfully crafted tracks which draw inspiration from vintage Middle Eastern psychedelia and groove Surf Rock sounds of the 60s and 70s.

1001 Nights transports listeners from the sweltering banks of the Nile, through Tel Aviv’s bustling city streets, down to a California beach, and back around to the spice scented alleys of Istanbul in one hot rodded magic carpet ride.The music is textured and rich, peppered with hazily winding guitar licks and the authentic Oriental avor that Ouzo Bazooka are famous for.

Check out Yolar from the album below

Out on limited edition ruby red with cream interior, clear blue vinyl, CD and download.

Release date: January 12th

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Sunflowers - Castle Spell

Tongue twisting, teeth shattering, seizure inducing psych punk, noise pop stabs all the way from Europe’s California - Portugal. Since 2014, Sunflowers have been a heat wave in the cold, static times we live in. With the perfect amounts of confused riffs, slurred lines and feedback insanity, the Portuguese

In 2017, they began their international career. They played in the Inner City Psych Fest in South Africa in April and in May they had their first taste of touring Europe, with 15 concerts over 3 weeks in Spain and France to promote their debut album “The Intergalactic Guide To Find The Red Cowboy”.

In 2018, the band returns with “CASTLE SPELL”, their sophomore LP baring their characteristic meltdown of Larsen-effect-drenched riffs and acid bleached vocals into your stereo.

One can say the band is young and restless, but they bring a well thought mutated slab of paranoia filled heavy shredders, while the hazed sunset fades away in the rearview mirror, darkening the desert and filling the air with some energized psych punk auras.

"CASTLE SPELL" is a 10-story palace, each of them with its own atmosphere, its gloomy and murderous tenants, all narrated by Carol's docile voice and Carlos's intrusive howls.

There’s more control and there’s more chaos, more insanity and mind-wandering trips, there’s more depth in its composition. A perfect soundtrack for those “CASTLE SPELL” is set to be released on February 9th 2018, by Stolen Body Records and Only Lovers Records in 2xLP and by Cão da Garagem in cassette tape. The Sunflowers will be presenting the album all over Europe in April and May.

Check out Castle Spell

Release date: February 9th

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