New Edward Penfold Video


Record Collector Mag's review One of last year’s more unexpected treats was Caulkhead, the woozy, lysergic and English-as-crumpets debut album from Bristol-based musical explorer Edward Penfold on the ever-reliable Stolen Body Records. From the way that opening track Lawrence Of Arabia ambled into earshot – all pie-eyed woodwind and pastoral guitars – Penfold and his band managed to create a musical world that was somehow other.

How? Well imagine walking down a street you’ve known your whole life but noticing an antique shop you’ve never seen before. You wander in and it’s full of fascinating paraphernalia; stacked to the ceiling with other people’s memories. But it’s all somehow a bit off. There’s a thin layer of dust over everything, against your better judgement you run your finger across the top of the glass cabinet full of presumably ancient peashooters. You taste the funny-coloured dust and it appears to be sherbet. The impossibly well-spoken shop attendant catches you, but he’s amused, not horrified. You get the feeling you might be there some time. Well it’s a bit like that, but imagine you’ve wandered in with Village Green-era Ray Davies; Syd Barrett the day before he wrote Octopus, and Connan Mockasin, in moccasins. In case it wasn’t apparent, this is a good thing.

And we’re thrilled to be able to bring you a taster of his new album, Denny Isle Drive, out 24 November on Stolen Body, with an exclusive look at the video for Garden Fresh. It’s a fresher sound this time around, Penfold and (Wrecking) crew sounding for all the world as if they’ve stumbled from the wood-panelled studio where Brian Wilson was cooking up Pet Sounds. Over beautifully-arranged, ship in a bottle-like musical interplay, Penfold drily intones the lyrics as if reciting a nursery rhyme. Allow yourself six minutes of off-kilter bliss.


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