Ghost Car - Woman In The Shadows Out Today!

Here we have it! Just a few short months after the ace ‘Stuck in the Mud’ single came out on NYC label GREENWAY RECORDS, Ghost Car are returning with another 45!

Following hot from the heels of the last single we see Clara, Laura, Maria and Maeve speeding off and crashing through some rickety old garage rock barriers once again in their flash new GHOST CAR with ‘Woman in the Shadows’. A lone screeching guitar cased in fuzz tones cracks this vinyl open like a starter pistol at a night time 100m dash, building up to what sounds like a Stooges style protopunk workout that makes one mighty fine pedestal for some mighty fine screams and shouts about the ladies in rock and roll and the arts.

We’re stoked this track is seeing the light of day and the cool darkness of a 45 single, if your needle still has life in it from spinning their last single to near death then you’ll be sure to finish it off with this track.


Clara Bleda – keyboard

Laura Hart – Drums

Maria Paton – Bass and Vocals

Maeve Henry – Guitar and vocals

Track Listing

Side A: Women In the Shadows

Side B: No History

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Ghost Car - Press Shot     Ghost Car - Woman In The Shadows

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