Ivan The Tolerable And His Elastic Band - Rations OUT NOW

A couple of weeks ago we released Ivan The Tolerable And His Elastic Band's new album Rations.

With Astral Festival coming in the middle of all of that I want to make sure everyones aware of this beautiful masterpiece. Its not often we release double vinyl albums but this one fully deserves it. Due to problems with our digital distro its not on Spotify yet but it will be soon!

Look out for live shows coming soon!

Vinyl: https://bit.ly/2VbWkM3
Download: https://bit.ly/2IIzLLY

"There is a motorik wonder flowing through the album, a driving force that maintains even as it veers wildly into free jazz horn breakdowns, space jazz squelches and pure psych guitar. This is rock music as exploration of new realms" - Electronic Sound Magazine

"4/5" - NARC. Magazine

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