Al Lover playlist and new track

Al Lover
 NEW TRACK 'CALIFORNIA YUGA' is now available. Check it out below along with Al's influences for the album Existential Everything out February 1st. 

"In the making of Existential Everything I was listening to a lot of different music. Mainly what I see as electronic kraut, weirdo punk experimentalists, fringe 70s rock, dub reggae and southern hip hop. Seeing some of the parallels of within these various genres is what lead to the overall outcome of the new record. From tape loop experiments, to the use of the sound board as instrument, to grandiose orchestration over primitive rock n roll to the exploration of how far one can push the 808 drum machine, The underlying theme seemed to be "how far can we take this in search of new sounds?" The exploration into new territory is what excites me in music and is what I hope to achieve when making a record". - Al Lover

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This playlist will be continuously updated so keep an ear out.

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