New Vinnum Sabbathi/Cegvera track

The Obelisk is premiering a new track taken from the Vinnum Sabbathi/Cegvera split - The Good Earth Is Dying.

Check it out here

“The five-track/33-minute The Good Earth is Dying paints a grim picture that only seems suitable when one looks at shifting weather patterns, melting permafrost, rising sea levels, floating garbage islands and dying coral reefs, and though there are no lyrics, in the titles of its instrumental pieces, the offering brings the two bands together to work around the common theme. A narrative arc is followed that takes human beings deeper into space than we’ve ever gone before, only to find, colonize and destroy yet another world, having learned nothing from the collapsing of earth’s ecosystem that caused us to leave in the first place.”


phocal 2.jpg


Cegvera - Picture credit - Guli,.jpg

Al Studer