New Al Lover record - Existential Everything

Al Lover
's upcoming release "Existential Everything" is an exploration into the fringes of psychedelic music that draws parallels where others might get lost. While continuing a thread of colorful but meditative inner journeys, anxious spirals and dubbed-out psych atmospheres -- what he playfully calls "music to be introspective in public to"-- Al finds some resolution on Existential Everything, displaying a dynamic flow inflected as much by Al's kosmische influences as experimental trap and southern hip hop. While his past works tended to be relatively focused and tense, with moments of meandering exploration, Existential Everything is sprawling and relaxed offering a rich comedown after many dark but engrossing head-trips.

Avilable on limited edition red and green mixed vinyl in gatefold sleeve (only 100 of these), black vinyl in gatefold sleeve, digipak CD and download.

Artwork by the amazing Jaime Zuverza

RELEASE DATE: February 1st.

Tour news coming soon - If your interested please contact ZUMA Bookings.

Al Studer