2017 Stolen Body Round Up


Its been our busiest year to date in every way. We've released more records than ever before, sold more records than ever before and had our biggest festival with Bristol Psych Fest... yep, than ever before. Its taken a while to get all this together but here is a round up of all our releases as well as a little look at whats to come in earl 2018. Thanks to everyone that has supported the label from buying records, sharing posts, coming to shows. The love has been felt far and wide and we look forward to another crazy year of releases. We already have so much planned including stepping Bristol Psych Fest up another level.

The Evil Usses - Amateur Pro Wrestling

The 2nd album from Bristol favourite jazz freakout instrumental band. The first time I saw this band I spent the whole show screaming at them that it was incredible. Luckily that didnt back fire and we've been able to release not only their debut album but also their 2nd... possible the third too... If you dont own this record yet then act fast. We sold out of the first and this one is down to dangerously low levels.

Dr Chan - $outh$ide $uicide

Lets be honest the first time I saw all the dollar signs in the songs I was put off. The same as all the reviewers. Its taught me a lesson. I nearly didnt listen to what turns out to be one of my favourite albums of 2017. The hero came in the shape of Edward Penfold who was round the house and asked what this album was. I fell in love with it instantly. We had them over to play this years Bristol Psych Fest and they blew everyone away. Their might be some more coming in 2018... am I giving away to much? Skate punk/California Rap with hints of King Gizzard...

Taos Humm - Flute Of The Noodle Bender

This album was a long time in the making. I toured with Taos Humm when I was playing in Factotum and we had such a great time. I even got their band name tattooed on my ankles. We released Edward Penfold's debut album in 2016 and for a second I thought the world may never get to experience Taos Humm. Luckily we teamed up with Bristol label mates Howlin Owl and managed to group together to get this psychedelic punk jazz jam out to the masses. You wont/you cant be disappointed by this album.

Kill West - Gush

Two sold out albums on Brightons Drone Rock Records and Argentinian Kill West approached Stolen Body to release their rockiest statement to date. Impossible to say no. To me this is almost a modern day psychedelic ZZ Top album. I hope that sounds good because to me it does. We even had the pleasure to have them play Bristol Psych Fest this year. It was their last show of the tour and right now it looks like the last show for a while.

Phoenician Drive - Two Coins

This release not only got me to know the best band in Belgium, one of the highlights of Bristol Psych Fest but also the amazing Belgium label Exag Records. They approached me to do a collab release on this one and I jumped at the chance. Theres just 2 songs on this the only 10" we released this year but they are mind blowing from start to finish. Im siting here waiting for the next release like you wouldn't believe.

Tara Clerkin - Hello

Another collaboration with Howlin Owl and this time for Bristol experimental folk singer songwriter Tara Clerkin. We had this one on the cards for a while and I dont feel it got as much attention as it deserved. That said I just got a message that one track was selected for the best of 2017 releases! Featuring members of Taos Humm, Factotum and Edward Penfold this album delivers beautifully crafted experimental folk songs.

Dusty Mush - Cheap Entertainment

We've known Dusty Mush for a long time. Be it through side project Druggy Pizza who we released in 2016 or Romain's output through Attic Video these guys are constantly at something. This is one fiery French garage rock record. Ever song is a single. Reverb drenched vocals with fuzzy guitars your thing? THIS IS IT!

Vinnum Sabbathi - Fuzzonaut

I've always been a huge fan of doom and once Mexican based Vinnum Sabbathi sent me these space themed doom songs the choice was easy. Yes book them to headline the opening night of Bristol Psych fest and yes release this record. We've always said at Stolen Body that we only release music that we love and try not to tie ourselves to tight a genre. These guys came and toured Europe and I had the pleasure of them staying with me for the best part of 3 weeks. Trust me, you dont get nicer, harder working people. They taught me all about cooking Mexican food the right way and I learnt a thing or two from Juan who builds his own amps and pedals in Mexico under the name - Tomayo Amps. Once I get to Mexico and I'm getting a michelada and getting a custom made amp. This record is all but sold out so if you want one act fast. This version included a bonus track - The Curse Of Silence. Mi famillia.

Ghost Car - Woman In The Shadows

Our only 7" of the year and what a banger. Punk rock from the international all girl band who call London home. Their first release came of our label mates across the pond - Greenway Records. I couldn't wait to get this one out. Its been a slow burner but they've been playing some fantastic shows and getting recognition in DIY lately and were looking out for an album in 2018. We even had the pleasure of having them over for Bristol Psych Fest this year.

Paul Jacobs - Pictures, Movies And Apartments

This is a re release of an incredible album that somehow fell by the wayside. This album has been getting solid plays from BBC 6 music since we re dropped it and rave reviews all around. Paul Jacobs is even coming over for a European tour in early 2018 to support the release. This is one hell of a catchy lo fi hi fi punk rock experimental album. Looking forward to a lot more from this Canadian song writing machine in 2018.

Yo No Se - Soma

It's a little hard to be objective about a release I have so much to do with. For those that don't know I front Yo No Se as my 3rd project I've 'self released' on Stolen Body. The other two bands being The Bad Joke That Ended Well and Factotum. I cant write much other than this should be a 70's hard rock, grunge, psych and prog album. Wether it is that or not is hard to tell. We've got a new album coming out in 2018 as well as lots of touring plans. See you on the road.

39th And The Nortons - The Dreamers

This is becoming a theme here but this is another album a long time in the making. Nick who also heads up Stolen Body band Os Noctambulos re recorded this album 3 times just to get it right. The results are there and this record is a beautifully crafted country psychedelic album on par with anything The Byrds ever released. Im a huge fan of Nicks work rate as well as his song writing and most of all his vocals. Trust me, you'll see a lot more from these guys in 2018.

Edward Penfold - Denny Isle Drive

People where emailing me constantly asking when Edward Penfold would follow up his debut album Caulkhead. Well we finally got to release Denny Isle Drive and its everything you wanted it to be. Removing himself from his debut lo fi Caulkhead Edward Penfold has created more of Pet Sounds which everyone has been comparing to Syd Barret. A beautiful album from start to finish and an amazing journey every time you listen to it.

Dubi Dolczek - Dubi In Space Part 1: The Emerald Gauntlet

I first saw Dubi a week before my son was born as I was told by The Evil Usses (who most members are in the band) that I would love it. They weren't wrong. That was 2 and half years ago. I booked Dubi to play Bristol Psych Fest 3.5 at an early opening slot on day 2. They blew each and every mind in the room that morning. I saw everyone in that room at his album launch party last month. Once you see them you'll know why. Dubi himself handed me a CD at that show which I put on in my car that very day and still havnt taken out. This album is that CD. To describe it would be hard. Its a journey through space flirting with crooning jazz, rock n roll, bebop, rockabilly, I dont know. Its amazing. Half way through the album launch I thought I was listening to Prince. This man band deliverers and if more people dont realise that this is a masterpiece then I will have failed as a label.

King Gizzard And The Lizard Wizard - Polygondwanaland

Not much we need to say about this band or release... if you dont know about this release then you should know that they gave the album away for anyone to release. We started off with 250 pre orders at cost price. We thought this was the way it should be done. 250 very quickly turned into 500 and needed up being 1000. We managed to afford to make 4 different colour vinyl variants and make the cover into a gatefold. This by far surpassed our expectations! This really was a genius move from one of the most exiting bands in the world and it really helped expose what we have going on here at Stolen Body so I am forever grateful. Again for those wondering when the orders are arriving... our delivery will arrive early January and we will be going ape shit (thats for you Juan) to get them packed up and sent out. Remember theres just 2 and half of us working round the clock so please be patient.

Chew - A Fine Accoutrement

The final release of the year came from Atlanta instrumental, experimental psych, prog rock band Chew. We again had the pleasure of hanging with these guys and gal while they were here on tour. Amazing live, amazing to party with and again amazing people. Just 2 nights ago they did their album launch in their home town with support from our very own Al Lover. They are relentlessly touring and I feel it wont be long till we see them on these shores again.

Bristol Psych Fest IV

2018 Releases

We've got about half a year of releases already lined up and we cant wait to share them with you. For now check out the pre orders we have to kick things off!

Ouzo Bazooka - Songs From 1001 Nights

Sunflowers - Castle Spell

Moonwalks - In Light (The Scales In The Frame)

Bad Pelicans - Best Of

Bristol Psych Fest V (July 7th)