2016 Roundup


2016 is coming to an end and we dont have anymore releases for this year so we thought we should have a little roundup of what went down. Its been a great year of first for us, trying new things and also taking it a little slow.... 2017 is already looking about 4 times as hectic. We've started putting on shows, weve pretty much quadrupled the size of Bristol Psych Fest and it looks like weve got about 3 times as many releases coming out... were also working on some US distro (fingers crossed)

We started the year with our first ever picture disc. Made some crazy complicated cover for Edward Penfold. Os Noctambulos was our first silver laminated cover. Dan Melchior was our first gatefold album... and on top of that a double 2 different colour vinyl gatefold. We finished the year with Yama Warashi and our first ever comic that came free with the first 100 copies of the record. It was also the first time we did 2 different colour records.

Its been crazy and we want to thank you for all the support. in 2017 we want to bring you lots lots more releases. Its going to step up so keep an eye out.


Go!Zilla - Pollution/Gambling Wit The Crocodile (March 11th)

Go!Zilla - Pollution 7" Go!Zilla - Pollution 7"



Edward Penfold - Caulkhead (March 18th)

Edward Penfold - Caulkhead Edward-Penfold-Caulkhead-Cover-e1452083137281




Os Noctambulos - Stranger (July 15th)

Os Noctambulos - Stranger (Pre order) Os Noctambulos - Stranger (Pre order)



Dan Melchior - Filthy Frozen River Rag (August 19th)

Dan Melchior - Filthy Frozen River Rag Dan Melchior - Filthy Frozen River Rag



Yama Warashi - Moon Egg (November 11th)

YAMA WARASHI - MOON EGG Yama Warashi - Comic




Next years first release starts with Dr Chan - Southside Suicide


Dr Chan - Southside Suicide


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