The Evil Usses - Amateur Pro Wrestling

The Evil Usses - Amateur Pro Wrestling

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The Evil Usses second album Amateur Pro Wrestling is finally with us and we couldnt be happier to be releasing it. Having released their Self Titled debut album in 2015 we couldn’t wait to get some more music out. Since then the band have been busy working in several other projects as well as playing extensively homing in their unique blend of psychedelic jazz.

Amateur Pro Wrestling was produced by John Dieterich (Deerhoof) and engineered by Oscar Rowe in the band’s home studio.

The record is a true collaboration, with each member contributing equally to the writing process. ‘Amateur Pro Wrestling’ is an album of mutual appreciation of sound as art, working with pastiche, subversion and humour, yet not without sincerity. It is the combined effort of artists who seek not to fit into prescribed boxes but rather to explore the indefinable gaps between genres.

 “They are one of the most exciting live acts coming out of Bristol, their shows are wild and extremely different to a lot of other bands out there.” - Jeffrey ‘Big Jeff’ Johns

 “No Wave jazz rock quartet gaining one hell of a reputation for their fierce and uncompromising live performances.” - Kollaps

 “Delivering a set swamped in off-beat instrumentation, it’s easy to come off like a bunch of no-hopers. This though is remarkable. Through wildly chaotic sax solos and spasmodic guitar bursts, The Evil Usses are a band full of sensory passion and provocation.” - Bristol Live Magazine

“Their music has an easy-loping ponderousness … slipping incongruous grooves over one another, letting the structure slip apart and realign, especially when boiling drumming meets threatening bass.” - Bristol24/7

 “The Evil Usses, in spite of powerful and processed writing, show their best live, deconstructing, assembling and rebuilding their pieces in front of the public, as if to involve them in their creative process, each time differently depending on the mood.” - Outsidersmusica

 Track List:

  1. Amateur Pro Wrestling

  2. Buzz Gots Beef

  3. Gambino

  4. Pre-Op Pop

  5. Somebody Loves Beastie

  6. Freya

  7. Bonus Time

  8. Zimmer

  9. Ipso

  10. Septopode