Taos Humm - Flute Of The Noodle Bender

Taos Humm - Flute Of The Noodle Bender

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Stolen Body and Howling Owl Records join forces to release 3 piece experimental psych band Taos Humm’s long awaited debut album ‘Flute Of The Noodle Bender’

Taos Humm are a Bristol based experimental rock band that draw sounds and influence from an amalgam of decades and genres, combined through a psychedelic sound palette. Sunny-Joe Paradisos, Matt Robbins and Edward Penfold have spent the years since meeting in the city building a reputation for their mercurial and electrifying live shows, toured Europe several times and had sporadic releases on Stolen Body and Howling Owl.

Flute Of The Noodle bender has been a long time coming but this was a record that needed to brew. From the urgent bass line grab of ‘Hi Hats Are For Post Punk Heroes’ to ‘Son Song’s hypnotic lollop into kaleidoscope haze, it is an album that retains the urgency of their oft-erratic live shows but also highlights a sophistication to their song writing that reveals abundant ingenuity.

Matt and Sunny also play in Edward Penfold’s solo project, who’s debut album Caulkhead came out earlier in 2016 on Stolen Body to great critical acclaim.

Track List:

  1. RC

  2. Hi Hats Are For Post Punk Heroes

  3. Bluhr

  4. Meek

  5. Velociraptortoise

  6. Scarlet You’re Handsome


  8. BB

  9. Tapestar

  10. Son Song