PALBMA/Druggy Pizza - Split

PALBMA/Druggy Pizza - Split


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The third in the split series featuring Peace And Love Barbershop Muhammad Ali and Druggy Pizza.

Out on half green half frosted clear vinyl.

This is PALBMA’s (featuring Mark from Brown Brogues) first release and showcases the bands glam garage rock sound. They have already been featured on BBC 6 Marc Riley’s show as well as live in session. We previously featured two songs of theirs on Vegetarian Meat Vol 2.

“Peace And Love Barbershop Muhammad Ali are a super group in every sense.” – Jukebox86

Band membership has one rule: “band members …must own at least one leather. Any more is a bonus.”

On the flip side we have Druggy Pizza (featuring members of Dusty Mush) and their EP Chili Cheese Crust. The EP has never had the chance to see wax and we wanted to give it that honour. Songs about pizza punched out as raw fuzzy garage rock drenched in reverb. We also featured two songs on Vegetarian Meat Vol 2.

“Curdled, drowning-in-reverb slabs of cross-grained static” – Fuzz Drench

Track Listing
1. PALBMA – Lord
2. PALBMA – Rope
3. PALBMA – The Last Time
4. PALBMA – Mean Like A Snake
5. PALBMA – Pretend To Try
6. PALBMA – Everytime I Try
7. Druggy Pizza – I Wanna Eat Until Im Dead
8. Druggy Pizza – Pizza In My Veins
9. Druggy Pizza – No Crust
10. Druggy Pizza – Like Pigs In A Slot
11. Druggy Pizza – 1981
12. Druggy Pizza – Boogie Booger