Ouzo Bazooka - 1001 Nights

Ouzo Bazooka - 1001 Nights

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The EP boasts 5 masterfully crafted tracks which draw inspiration from vintage Middle Eastern psychedelia and groove Surf Rock sounds of the 60s and 70s.

1001 Nights transports listeners from the sweltering banks of the Nile, through Tel Aviv bustling city streets, down to a California beach, and back around to the spice scented alleys of Istanbul in one hot rodded magic carpet ride.

The music is textured and rich, peppered with hazily winding guitar licks and the authentic Oriental avor that Ouzo Bazooka are famous for.

Ouzo Bazooka represents everything that is beautiful in Tel Aviv; Cultural coexistence, vigorous creation and an always happening urban scene. Drawing influences from this local melting pot and exotic middle eastern feel, along with classic hard rock, psychedelic art, garage rock and surf – Ouzo Bazooka’s sound is a dizzying concoction of east meets west. Ouzo Bazooka’s self-titled freshman album boasts 13 masterfully crafted hits that will send Hell’s Angels dancing on table-tops, breaking plates, grinning stupidly and ending up on the floor in a group-hug-pile-up.

Leading the pack is Uri Brauner Kinrot, a prolific singer-songwriter. He has established himself as a major name in the local and global music scene, touring North and South America, Europe and Japan. He had trekked his unique sound to far corners of the universe, rocking out major music festivals such as Roskilde, Glastonbury, Fuji Rock, Exit, Womex, Olinkan (Mexico City), Reeperbahn, SXSW, Sines (Portugal), Global Fest (NYC) and more.

Uri has been active in the music scene for over a decade, collaborating with notable names in the musical trade and gaining great acclaim by the press for his musical achievements. He has played, recorded, toured and helped shape the influential sounds of big names such as Balkan Beat Box, Shantel, New York City’s punk heroes Firewater and the Macedonian-Romani brass band Kocani Orkestar. Uri is also the leader of the chart-successful mediterranean surf band Boom Pam, who’s currently collaborating with Turkish psychedelic-folk legend Selda Bagcan.

After roaming the globe, spreading his mediterranean-chic love, Uri felt the urge to pursue earlier influences that had always echoed in the back of his mind. He returned to the sounds and artists that shaped him since his teens; Cream’s fuzzed British Invasion, Link Wray’s surfed-up style and The Sonics’ soulful garage feel. The fresh new formula worked, and a true original sound was revealed. Uri’s kaleidoscopic vision exemplifies good ol’ rock n roll with an oriental tinge, which is undoubtedly heard in his latest endeavour, Ouzo Bazooka. The group has been touring extensively in the past couple of years, gaining local recognition, plenty of radio airplay and supporting act shows in Tel Aviv for both The Pixies and The Hives. Furthermore, the album was released in Japan by Tokyo based label, Tuff Beats and in Germany by Broken Silence Distribution. The German release celebrated at a sold-out concert in Berlin.