Os Noctambulos - Stranger

Os Noctambulos - Stranger

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After 2014’s Split 12” with Plantains, debut album Corsica Garden and 2015’s 7”, Outsider – Os Noctàmbulos return to Stolen Body Records July 15th to release their new album, Stranger.

Recorded in 3 one day sessions between December 2014 and April 2015 on ½ inch tape reel to reel at home studio Corsica Garden, Stranger see’s the band moving into new territory.

Moving on from their first album ‘Corsica Garden’ there is a new found confidence in sound and experimentation in rhythm. Stranger is an album about isolation, claustrophobia, immigration and the strange times we live in.

Situated in Paris, the band – Baldo (Drums), Coline (Bass), Valentin (Lead Guitar) & Nick (Vox/Rhythm Guitar) – have now been together for 3 years. Nick, originally from a tiny village in the English countryside, shouldn’t really be here, it was never part of the plan. Stranger is an album about dealing with change, opening up to new experiences and living in a city where the worst and best of humanity can be witnessed every hour of every day. It’s frustrating and exhilarating, sickening and intoxicating. It’s the modern world. I DON’T WANT YOUR MEDICATION.

Os Noctàmbulos delve into the melting pot of garage, psych, surf, country and soul and pass through the other-side sounding most like…themselves. Songs of hope that seem to constantly veer on the edge of despair, it’s a fine line. Nick’s voice hints at something unnerving, something not quite right, yet somehow, in control. The country influence is clear throughout but it’s all set inside a 60’s style garage rhythm with large pinch of nuggets style psych.

The artwork has been designed by artist Lucas Donaud, a musician with Strange Hands who has previously designed artwork for Avenue Z, Paris Psych Fest, Tame Impala, The Growlers. The cover has been made to represent an abstract take on a stranger walking into a city with that intense guttural feeling of excitement and fear.

Lucas had this to say;

“It’s a distorted close up of a guy standing in a suit, there is a psychedelic touch but staying away from “standard” optical art. I think this fits well with the idea of a stranger. The fact it’s not showing a face makes the character quite mysterious and I like the idea that one may not notice what the cover represents at first glance – like when you’re alone in a room and only realise after a little while that there is a person in there with you.”

More artwork from Lucas Donaud can be found here;



Track list;

  1. Changes (5:12)

  2. Not Everyone (3:13)

  3. Jordi Taught Me (3:19)

  4. Medication (2:24)

  5. The Circle Ain’t Broken (2:07)

  6. Wandering Light (2:56)

  7. Handcuffs (2:34)

  8. Control (2:42)

  9. No More Tears (4:35)