Factotum - Knife Gun

Factotum - Knife Gun


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This is a raw garage rock album with tinges toward psych and blues. With this record the band begin to find their sound with some fuzzed out guitar, hard hitting drums and reverb soaked screaming vocals.

“If the devil has all the tunes then Factotum must have got down on their knees and given him deep head to come out with such a set of blistering raw tunes that are housed in the hairy-assed behemoth that is their album ‘Knife Gun” – Sound of Confusion

“This is twenty minutes of well-considered garage, excitedly spewed out at odd frequencies” – Bristol Live

“A nine track album that melts lysergic blues with sweaty and savage rock’n’roll” – Music Blob

“Factotum have created a simultaneously nostalgic and fresh sounding album that I recommend you listen to” – Listen with Monger

1. Wurlitzer
2. Melt (High Noon)
3. Minute
4. Powerjam
5. Red Dust
6. Tocame La Polla
7. Hey Hey Hey
8. Ruin My Trip
9. Gentleman