Electric Retro Spectrum - Sub Urban

Electric Retro Spectrum - Sub Urban

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  • Limited edition black and red mixed vinyl

LOUD, DIY and FIERCE, like a mantra, three words that summarise Electric Retro Spectrum.

Formed in Paris France, illustrated by the festival BarsEnTrans as “A sound between two giant fuzz pedals and a rain of reverb, invoking the great 70’s stoner in a dark black mass…” .

"The trio manage to combine grunge, noise, heavy doom and psychedelia to create something refreshing and familiar."God Is In The TV Zine.

The band’s been playing live non-stop for 2 years, searching for a new sound, before recording their latest ep:  SUB-URBAN (auto-recorded in 5 days in a kitchen in the Parisian suburbs by the drummer Pierre Dessauny, former sound engineer at la méchanique ondulatoire).

Very hands-on, the band nearly makes everything themselves, from their screaming Cabs to their tortured guitars, even the merch (100% hand-drawn shirts). After touring in the US ( Echo fest in Detroit, Fort Wayne, Cake shop manhattan, Aviv Brooklyn ) and playing with some amazing bands ( wand, deap valley, the mirrors, the telescopes, kagoule, Pc Worship etc..) they developed their own trance on stage carried by a deep haunted voice. Often described as a mix of Pj Harvey, The Black Angels, and Sonic Youth.

SUB-URBAN is an Auto-recorded EP, captured in the parisian suburbs in the hot summer of 2017. A mix of colors, the band experimented a lot with sounds on stage, bending edges and finding themselves on a dark croisade between a 90’s noise grunge and the depth of psychedelic music. The message came out as a strong revolutionary statement. 


Track List

  1. Frontline

  2. To Make You Mine

  3. Seasons

  4. New World Order

  5. Plane