Edward Penfold - Denny Isle Drive

Edward Penfold - Denny Isle Drive

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Following the release of his 2016 debut album, Caulkhead, Edward Penfold returns this winter with Denny Isle Drive. So far this year Penfold has released Flute of the Noodle Bender with Taos Humm, a three piece sitting somewhere between art rock, garage, psych and kraut. He's spent the rest of the year recording his second album, Denny Isle Drive. A long list of collaborators were called upon to help record the album. This included members of the Bloom collective as well as the loosely coined Belvoir House Band. The album was recorded by Dom Mitchison (Malthouse Studios) who Co-produced it with Penfold.

Track listing:

1. Conker

2. Spring Parade

3. Betsys Linen

4. Bungalow White

5. Northern Hemisphere

6. Suntan

7. Grasshopper

8. Cactus Shadow

9. Shallow Valley

10. Bullfrog

11. Garden Fresh