Dubi Dolczek – Dubi In Space Part 1: The Emerald Gauntlet

Dubi Dolczek – Dubi In Space Part 1: The Emerald Gauntlet

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All copies come with a free coming book drawn by Dubi Dolczek.

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Daring pilot, intrepid explorer, seminal crab anthropologist and musician. Let Stolen Body Records introduce you to intergalactic swooner Dubi Dolczek and his second album ‘Dubi In Space Part 1: The Emerald Gauntlet. After his first album ˜Dubi Dolczek & the Haunted Lagoon, Dubi begins work on his memoirs, opening with his spacetravels as a teenage greaseball.

Limited Edition Toxic Yellow with Agent Orange, Purple Rain and Blue Suede Shoes Splatter Vinyl 100 made

Limited Edition Clockwork Organe Edition Vinyl 150 made

All vinyl copies come with a book with artwork for each track specifically designed by Dubi himself to conjure up pictures of deep space exploration, martinis in far away bars and grey haired babies.

‘Dubi In Space pt.1 the Emerald Gauntlet’ details the intrigues of mad robot kings, luscious Saturnian warrior women and a planet of eternally grey haired babies debauchery leads to brain wipes, heartbreak and back again and to the ultimate journey a journey to the planet within; Jayanubu.

Only Human is the first track on the album, a woozily triumphant anthem. Both an appeal for clemency and a meditation on Identity through time when aligned through a refracted lens.

Laser Dojo is the first recording we made when we set off to make a space album. The blend of 50’s doowop and tropical sci fi is intimate yet expansive, the vocal harmonies being a key feature.

In live performance Dubi Dolczek croons gently and mellifluously, adjusting with poise to a lusty cry when roused. The band can gloop as well as they bristle, ably evoking the various moods of space.

“Breathtaking” – Kevin Costner

“Imagine a modern lo-fi bedroom version of all late Fifties, early Sixties rock jumbled up with electronic sounds produced by Sun Ra circa that same period” – Soundblab Alternative Music

Track Listing:

1. Only Human

2. Laying Low In Bug City

3. Nice To Meteor

4. Ethel’s Merman

5. Laser Dojo

6. Martian Lady

7. The Emerald Gauntlet

8. Jayanubu

9. Mechropolis

10. I Won’t Remember You

11. Tropical Planet

12. Comin’ In To Land