Brown Brogues - Zoloto

Brown Brogues - Zoloto


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Here it is, Brown Brogues – Zoloto, the follow up to Triflin’, our Record Store Day 2014 release on a limited edition (250) frosted clear with brown blob in the middle 10″ .

The first side of the EP features 2 tracks recorded by Ross Orton and 2 by long time collaborator Eaglenose. The second side features 2 previously unreleased live tracks at the Roadhouse in Manchester and 2 brand new demos recorded by Mark himself.

“A blast of feral, psychotic rock music” – Clash Music

“Tune-packed” – Toad’s Top Albums of 2013 (Triflin)

“‘Triflin” is a collection of 10 songs that are so raw yet meaty, abrasive yet melodious and punky but bluesy that they should really draw in the majority of discerning music lovers, no matter what their taste” – Listen With Monger

“Psyched-out grooves, combining muddy surf rock with a noisy snarl” – Styrofoam Drone

“It ranks amongst their finest work to date” – The VPME (Zoloto)

“Zoloto is pretty much one of the best things to have happened to music this year”

1. Shit In Your Eye
2. My Birthday
3. Booooooom
4. Getting Canned
5. I Drove For Miles (live at the Roadhouse)
6. Grind A Go Go (live at the Roadhouse)
7. Still Of The Night
8. I’m A Man