Brown Brogues - Triflin'

Brown Brogues - Triflin'


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Get the Brown Brogues second LP Triflin’ on limited edition white vinyl – 250.

Double trouble garage rock twosome Brown Brogues are back with their new album ‘Triflin’’ alongside a truck load of tour dates and live in-store sessions. It would seem that the boys are all grown up, having moved to the bright lights of Manchester where they locked themselves in a disused mill and set about making their most mature sounding record to date.
Keeping their DIY principles and love of analogue gear, ‘Triflin’’ was recorded at Graceland Studios on a reel-to-reel tape machine. Last year Brown Brogues brought us their brilliant noise infused debut album ‘Born to Lose’ and lovers of fuzz and distortion need not be disappointed. ‘Triflin’’ still has plenty of that, but this time with a healthy dose of control and a steady finger on the volume button. This time round, the songs are measured and delivered with precision. The biggest difference displayed on album two is the vocals. Having stripping away the screech of the radio mic, Vernon’s voice is laid bare only to be complimented by the impressive falsetto harmonies provided by drummer, Ben Mather.

“A blast of feral, psychotic rock music” – Clash Music

“Tune-packed” – Toad’s Top Albums of 2013

“‘Triflin” is a collection of 10 songs that are so raw yet meaty, abrasive yet melodious and punky but bluesy that they should really draw in the majority of discerning music lovers, no matter what their taste” – Listen With Monger

“Psyched-out grooves, combining muddy surf rock with a noisy snarl” – Styrofoam Drone

1. Beach Ghost Face Killah
2. Split Disc
3. A G From The Cradle
4. Shake It
5. All My Dreams Are Gold
6. I Kill
7. Beef Teef
8. Cryin’
9. Loving Mouthful of Choke
10. Gimme A Reason
11. Lazer Beast