Bad Pelicans - Best Of

Bad Pelicans - Best Of

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The Bad Pelicans spent the past the last 3 years destroying all the independent Parisian venues. They released 3 demo tapes to date which all sold out immediately. They have toured European several times and opened for some major indie bands (Together Pangea, Skegss, Mystic Braves...)

The Bad Pelicans definitely sit on the throne of the most surprising underground band in Paris. These kids' surf-fueled nihilism will set the tongues wagging in a close future.

"On this showing Bad Pelicans are a band well worth seeking out; their mixture of styles creates a sound all their own and they add their own verve and sense of fun. It’s an accomplished release. It will be interesting where they go from Best Of. Vive les Bad Pelicans!" - Louderthanwar

Track listing:

  1. Svrf Pvnk

  2. Svummertime

  3. Svrf Svrf

  4. Svrf

  5. Covch Pizza

  6. Bvddy Bvdz

  7. Svrf Your Coffin

  8. Pavline McShit